Why buy a Black Widow Bat.....

....because of the quality, passion and experience that goes into making each bat.

As I still play and am involved in the coaching of this wonderful game, I have a good understanding of  the modern day cricketer needs.
You, as the customer, will always get the correct advice and a top quality bat. Your bat will suite your style of batting and the wickets you play on.
Of the 500 top grade bats I make every season, each one is individually handcrafted by me.
Whether I am custom making a bat for an International player, Club player, or school boy, each bat is made with the same quality, care and passion. I believe that a good bat and the correct advice, does make a big difference to your game.
Your quality bat will be correctly oiled and knocked in, and inspected by me, before it leaves the factory .
You will enjoy playing with a Black Widow cricket bat as much as I enjoyed making it.
Black Widow Cricket Bat Making - Full version
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